Gut Microbiota Associated with Long Term Mortality

Our group conducted so far the largest long-term study on the health impact of the human gut microbiota. A large amount of enterobacteria in the gut is related to mortality, even if we take account other risk factors, such as smoking and obesity. Thus we could improve mortality predictions by taking account the gut microbiota. Also our lifestyle choices could have an impact on gut’s microbial composition.

The study was collaboration between University of Turku, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare and an international research team. The sample of over 7,000 Finnish adults was part of the FINRISK 2002 cohort.

University press release

Researchers Discovered a Gut Microbiota Profile That Can Predict Mortality


A. Salosensaari, V. Laitinen, A. S. Havulinna, G. Meric, S. Cheng, M. Perola, L. Valsta, G. Alfthan, M. Inouye, J. D. Watrous, T. Long, …, T. Niiranen (2021). Taxonomic signatures of cause-specific mortality risk in human gut microbiome. Nat Commun 12, 2671.